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Amos yee sentencing

The Prisoner in Pyjamas

Three weeks ago I brought you the breaking news that Amnesty International were going to recognise Amos Yee as a prisoner […]

Lee Hsien Loong

Some questions for the PM.

This is a copy of the Reform Party’s latest Press release. “Reform Party is concerned that the Prime Minister in […]

BP; Life Stages

The Mirror Effect

An Overview of Buying Insurance This article is an overview of my philosophy for wealth management using insurance.  It is […]

roy ng

Roy gets a letter

So Roy Ngerng has posted the picture above on his Facebook page of a threatening letter he received. I do […]

mda yaacob ibrahim

CPJ Statement on TRS

The Committee to Protect Journalists  issued a statement on May 05th 2015 on  the closing down of alternative news website […]

Roy Ngerng

On Roy, JBJ, Fines and Defamation

Why is the Central Provident Fund Minimum Sum being raised and why can’t we take out money out when we like after 55? Why GIC and Temasek make money (if that is what they are doing) from using our captive savings and paying us a non-market interest rate? Roy has done us all a favour. He got so close to showing us how to demand accountability and stand up for our rights.

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